5th International Conference of the European Antibullying Network: CCS Present In SCREEN Mode aims, scope and Methodology

CrystalClear Soft (CCS) (represented by Elena Mantzari) presented the in Screen MODE aims, scope and methodology during the 5th International Conference of the European Antibullying Network held in Athens on the 15th June 2018.

The presentation covered the key processes and steps undertaken by the partnership so far such as:

  • Identification of user models involved with Internet frequently and/or excessively,  
  • Rationalisation of these models into a common framework via the results of the transnational survey in the project participating countries, and; 
  • Establishment of a training methodology based upon which the Problematic Internet Genie will suggest to frequent and excessive Internet users actions in order for them be able to regulate and moderate their Internet behaviors.

View the InScreenMODE project presentation