Global Citizens‘ Academy (GCA)

Global Citizens‘ Academy was opened in 2014 with the aim to promote key values of active global citizenship and welfare among young people in Lithuania and abroad. It is a non-governmental organisation which contributes to making a difference in the society by meeting the following objectives:

  • development of national, civic and cultural identities;
  • promoting respect for human dignity;
  • support to building capacities of young people to become active and responsible global citizens;
  • stimulating democratic dialogue among different actors in the society;
  • building capacity of civil society organisations.


GCA was opened to:

  • provide non-formal education, awareness raising and campaigning activities for young people,
  • offer training and capacity building opportunities for youth workers, youth leaders and educators,
  • create and share innovative educational and youth work practices contributing to young people’s personal development and sustainable changes in the society,
  • implement advocacy actions towards creating an equal, just and sustainable society.