The publicly available outcomes of the InScreenMode project are listed below. This will be updated throughout the progress of our project.

O1/A1: User Models Design

In this outcome, the main user Internet models are identified based on their behaviours on the Internet,in association with their psychological traits and the structural characteristics of the online activities they are engaged with 

==> User models design

O1/A2: User models and desirable situations

We conducted a survey among young individuals in all partners' countries to rationalise the user Internet models and identify their preferences about their moderation goals regarding their online use. See the National reports and the full sample that provides an overview of the differences between countries.

==> National report Survey Results:

==> Full Sample

O1/A3: Personalised Withdrawal and moderation plans and actions

See the personalised withdrawal plans and the list of actions that will be recommended by our online tool (the Genie) to the frequent and excessive Internet users based on the identification of their online behaviours and the desirable situations they need to achieve.

==> Withdrawal plans


Below is an overview of the key processes and steps undertaken by the partnership so far such as:

  • Identification of user models involved with Internet frequently and/or excessively,  
  • Rationalisation of these models into a common framework via the results of the transnational survey in the project participating countries, and; 
  • Establishment of a training methodology based upon which the Problematic Internet Genie will suggest to frequent and excessive Internet users actions in order for them be able to regulate and moderate their Internet behaviors. 

(Presented by CrystalClear Soft (CCS) during the 5th International Conference of the European Antibullying Network held in Athens on the 15th June 2018).

View the InScreenMODE project presentation


The partners of the inScreenMode carried out a survey among young population (16-25 years old) in the six (6) participating countries (Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and the UK to investigate the situational and behavioral data over their Internet use. Based upon these results we are currently developing a tool (Problematic Internet use Genie) that will provide to the frequent and excessive Internet users personalised actions to regulate their time spent online.  

See the infographic summarising main survey results.


Here is our archive of newsletters, informing you about project progress and important updates from the project. These Newsletters are available in EN, GR, LT, PL and RO.

Newsletter 1: EN, GR, LT, PL and RO

Newsletter 2: EN, GR, LT, PL and RO.


Here is our project leaflet. This is available in EN, GR, LT, PL and RO.

Leaflet: EN, GR, LT, PL and RO.